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Whether you are looking for a competitive league or a place to fine-tune your skills, lacrosse at LANCO Fieldhouse has never been hotter! The winter lacrosse league has exploded into one of the most impressive leagues in the area. LFH boasts an impressive 130+ teams from across Central PA. Players are willing to travel in order to hold a coveted position in our league. The caliber of teams and level of competition is unequaled in the area.

The winter lacrosse league offers divisions for beginners starting with elementary boys and girls and running up to the elite varsity boys and girls divisions. The league takes place on Saturdays and Sundays starting the last weekend in October and running through February every year.

Although the winter lacrosse league is by far the most popular lacrosse program at the Fieldhouse, it is not the only program for lacrosse players. LFH also offers a very competitive summer lacrosse league for high school and college girls. The Fieldhouse is also developing a men's league and pickup opportunities throughout the year.

For young lacrosse players, there is a variety of lacrosse clinics throughout the year designed to help improve their skills and learn the game. Beginner's clinics are offered for players in 1st grade through 9th grade. Our top notch clinicians help players develop new skills and work on the fundamentals, all while teaching them the finer points of the game and pushing them to take their game to the next level.

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2017-18 Lacrosse Leagues, Camps & Clinics

Check Out Our Winter LAX Leagues, Camps & Clinics!!

Just posted many Winter Clinics for Boys & Girls

Girls Clinician is Mark Pinkerton

Boys Clinician is Joe Augeri


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Boys Lacrosse League Rules

  1. LANCO Fieldhouse ("LFH") is a privately owned facility and its management reserves the right in its sole discretion to establish rules for playing in the facility. The LFH Rules are set forth as an attachment to the LANCO Fieldhouse LAX Rules and are made a part hereof and when there is a conflict between the LFH Rules and the lacrosse rules the LFH Rules shall govern.
  2. Nam id placerat ligula. Proin dignissim elit dui, ut porttitor tortor. Praesent vel lacus risus.For purposes of playing lacrosse in LFH the rules of lacrosse shall apply and shall be enforced in the same manner as the outdoor game except for the following modifications set forth below that have been made in order to accommodate play on the smaller indoor fields at LFH.
  3. Except within five (5) yards from a loose ball there shall be NO hitting and loose ball excessive contact/checking/hitting other than incidental contact shall be ruled as a 1 minute roughing penalty.
  4. Any hit/check/contact made with unneeded force shall be penalized as a 1 minute unnecessary roughness penalty. For purposes of this penalty the referee may deem that a player taking more than two (2) steps to deliver a hit has used excessive force.
  5. Except at the Varsity and Junior Varsity level, one handed checks shall not be permitted and the violation shall be ruled as a 1 minute penalty.
  6. Conduct Fouls will result in the loss of possession or a 30 second penalty
  7. Unsportsmanlike conduct shall be a 1 minute non-releasable penalty; provided however that LFH Rules supersedes this rule in the event the General Manager determines that the conduct is not acceptable behavior that is consistent with the businesslike operation of the LFH.
  8. Long sticks shall be permitted.
  9. No Overtime
  10. The games shall be played in accordance with the United States Lacrosse Association's Rules of Conduct and any violation of the rules of conduct by any player, coach, fan or patron of LFH may lead to the imposition of penalties set forth in the LFH Rules and although LFH may determine that a warning is appropriate in certain instances, we reserve the right to impose such penalties without further warning and without the right to a further appeal.
  11. NOTICE: LFH has hosted a meeting with coaches and referees to discuss game/player control and refereeing philosophy. The coaches who attended the meeting had an opportunity to provide input and all coaches with teams playing at LFH shall be given the right to evaluate referees and comment on the control of the games. LFH has sent a letter to the refereeing association that states clearly that it expects the games to be called in accordance to the rules of lacrosse and that management wants ALL penalties called in accordance with such rules. It is LFH's position that the players should be rewarded for skillful play and not close to the line rough play and this is notice that LFH will support referees that call games in accordance with the rules and who "error" on the side of safety. Play at LFH is for developmental purposes to prepare players for the outdoor game and LFH expects the coaches, players and referees to comport themselves accordingly.

Girls Lacrosse League Rules
(High School Level)

2016-2017 Use U.S. Women's Lacrosse Rules with the following modifications:

  1. 7 v 7 (6 field players plus goalkeeper, teams may play 8v8 by mutual agreement.) Team playing without a goalie may not have an additional field player.
  2. Five players on offense - 2 field players must stay back plus goalie.
  3. Substitution after goals and on the fly. Players must have both feet off of the field before sub can run on!
  4. Players are responsible for legal sticks. No stick checks.
  5. 25 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime. Running clock.
  6. Player receiving a Yellow card leaves the field for 2 minutes (non-releaseable).  The team receiving 4 cumulative yellow or red cards plays short for the remainder of the game.  Subsequent cards result in more players being removed. 
  7. Players receiving a red card for flagrant misconduct are ejected from game and will not be permitted to play in the next game.
  8. Play begins with a draw at the start of each half. After every goal play restarts with a goalie clear (umpire's whistle starts play).
  9. Officials must call Out of Bounds early enough that players do not run into the curtains. Players must agree not to play to the curtains and to concede the ball to the player that is closest.
  10. Critical Scoring Area (CSA) = Half field line.
  11. Restraining Line = Half field line.
  12. Mouthguards required for all players while on the field.
  13. Players will not be permitted to wear jewelry on the field.

(Middle School Level) Same rules as above, plus:

  1. 7 v 7 (6 field players plus goalkeeper.) Variable if team coaches agree. Team playing without a goalie may not have an additional field player. Four players on offense - 2 field players must stay back plus goalie.
  2. Modified checking must be enforced in all middle school league games. Checking permitted only below shoulder level.
  3. The ball carrier must not hold the ball in a checkable position for more than 3 seconds.
  4. Officials will count 3 seconds out loud. Change of possession if violated.