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Are you ready for some football? LANCO Fieldhouse offers flag football leagues for both youth and adults. Our competitive adult league takes place every spring and fall. The season includes 8 games, each typically taking place on Wednesday evenings. Certified referees control the action, and the competition is fierce. Many ex-players from all over Lancaster County take to the gridiron to participate, making this the league to go to for your football action!

The youth flag football is run by the Lancaster Football Association and is every bit as competitive as the adult league. The youth league also takes place every spring and fall and is made up of kids from grades 1 through 6. Games take place on Sunday afternoons. This is a great way to introduce youth to football without having to purchase expensive equipment. Whether you are young with dreams of playing at the next level or just trying to relive your gridiron glory days, the Fieldhouse Flag Football League is for you!

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LANCO Fieldhouse has a wide variety of leagues, tournaments, and clinics throughout the year.

Youth Flag Football League-is run in the spring & fall and is organized by Lancaster Football Association. Get all the details at this website:

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