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Batting Cages

LANCO Fieldhouse features 3 indoor state-of-the-art batting cages. The cages are open to the public and ideal for both softball and baseball players. Hitters can chose from 40 mph, 60 mph or 80 mph speeds in both baseball and softball. The Iron Mike pitching machines simulate a pitcher's warm-up and are great for practice or just for fun. The cages are operated by tokens. Tokens can be purchased at both the front desk and the concession stand.

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The Bullpen

The Bull pen was designed with the serious baseball/softball player in mind. With a 65' tunnel, you have the ability to face live pitching or work on throwing off a mound, as well as other training drills such as soft toss, etc. The Bullpen also features a nine-zone pitcher's pocket that can be used by a pitcher to improve accuracy while also working on the mechanics of pitching. Our new area also creates the perfect opportunity for catchers to hone their skills in a private setting. There is plenty of room for fielders to work on techniques for grounders, batting practice and tee drills.

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Batting Cage Information

  • Baseball and softball machines for players of all levels and abilities.
  • Machines Pitch Baseballs or Softballs at 40mph, 60mph, and 80mph
  • 1 Token = 20 balls. 1 Token = $2
  • "The Steal" deal: Buy 5 Tokens GET 1 FREE = $10
  • "Grand Slam" deal: 11 tokens = $15

Batting Cage Hours:

  • Please call for batting cage hours (typically Mon - Fri: 9am - 9pm - weekend time varies until winter)
  • Come out and swing for the fences!