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Rules and Regulations

  1. No balls of any kind may be brought into the facility. If you bring a ball inside, you will be asked to put it back into your car or your coach's car. LANCO Fieldhouse shall provide game balls. This rule does not apply to clinicians who have prior approval from LANCO Fieldhouse to supply their own balls for clinics.
  2. No running. Running (except on the playing fields) is prohibited at LANCO Fieldhouse.
  3. Keep LANCO Fieldhouse clean:
    • No chewing gum in the building.
    • No food or drinks (other than water or sport drinks) within the playing or bench areas.
    • Food and drinks are permitted only in the Snack Bar and spectator areas.
    • Food and trash must be cleared from your table when you finish eating in the Snack Bar area. Please dispose of all trash in the nearest trash receptacle.
    • No smoking in the building. LANCO Fieldhouse is a nonsmoking facility.
  4. See All Rules & Regulations