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  1. What is MySAM?
    • MySAM is the registration software used by the Fieldhouse. MySAM will allow you to register for events, view schedules and standings, receive game reminders and keep track of your Fieldhouse transactions. MySAM is a secure website and is used for credit card transactions. Please follow the prompts to create your account as well as an account for all family members.
  2. How do I register for an activity (league/clinic/camp/tournament) at LANCO Fieldhouse?
    • There are several ways to register for an activity at the Fieldhouse. You can register online using the MySAM system. You can call and register over the phone or you can stop by and register in person at the Fieldhouse. All registrations must be accompanied by payment. You cannot register for an activity without payment. A non-refundable deposit for leagues and full-payment for camps/clinics/tournaments is required to secure a spot.
  3. Can I make specific scheduling requests for my team?
    • If you have specific scheduling requests, please be sure to include the scheduling requests on your registration. You can add them to the "Comments" on your online registration. You can also call or email all requests to the Fieldhouse prior to the schedule being completed. Due to limited space, we regret that we will be unable to reschedule games after the schedule has been distributed. Teams must pay a $75 rescheduling fee if they wish to reschedule a game. If the scheduling conflict is due to a team not being able to attend after the schedule is distributed, the team that cannot attend must forfeit the game, resulting in a 5-0 loss against that team.
  4. What happens if there is bad weather? Will my game be cancelled and how will I know?
    • Check the website. LFH will post the latest news on the news page. This is the best place to look. If you are unsure if your game is on, check the website before leaving for your game or event.
  5. If my game is cancelled, will it be rescheduled?
    • Games, clinics, camps, leagues, tournaments and in other events that are cancelled due to inclement weather or for other reasons beyond the control of LFH will not be rescheduled. We do not give a refund or pro-rated refund of any fees or field rentals. Teams or users who wish to make up the time may, if the schedule permits, pay an additional rental fee ($75 per rescheduled game) and schedule a new time.

      LFH in its sole discretion shall determine if there is availability to schedule the new time and shall not be obligated to reschedule any team or user.
  6. What does the wavier say?
    • LANCO Fieldhouse WAIVER
      ASSUMPTION AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY. Turf and contact sports are inherently dangerous. The undersigned, on behalf of the undersigned and the undersigned's child (collectively "Participant") hereby: (1) Assume the risk of personal injury, property damage, or other loss (collectively "Injuries") to the Participant arising from or related to activities at the LANCO Fieldhouse. (2) Release Liner-Leeds, LLC t/d/b/a LANCO Fieldhouse, and its agents, employees, staff members, officers, directors and members (collectively "LANCO") from all liability, claims, or responsibility for injuries to Participant. (3) Grant permission for Participant to participate in activities at LANCO Fieldhouse. (4) Release LANCO from injury arising from any good faith acts or omissions in emergency situations. I agree that you may photograph and/or videotape my child or me during sports activities and that you retain the right to use these visual images in future literature for LANCO Fieldhouse without compensation to my child or me. I further agree that you may use my name, my child's name, or any testimonials made by us without limitation in advertising and promoting LANCO Fieldhouse. I represent that I am over the age of 18 or a parent/guardian of the minor named below, and agree that the grant and release contained therein binds me and the minor of all of its terms. By signing players and teams agree to be governed by LANCO Fieldhouse rules and policies.
  7. Can I make-up a clinic or receive a refund if I miss a session?
    • No. Clinics and classes cannot be pro-rated for expected missed sessions, nor are they able to be made-up or refunded.
  8. What should I wear and what equipment do I need?
    • All activities at the Fieldhouse suggest appropriate sports clothes and athletic shoes. Athletic shoes, turf shoes or rubber-molded cleats can be worn on the turf. Screw-in cleats are not permitted. In addition, these sports require the following equipment/clothing:
      • Soccer: Shin guards. All teams must wear t-shirts or jerseys of the same color with a number on the back.
      • Field Hockey: Shin guards, mouth guard and stick. Goalkeepers should bring goalkeeping gear (eye protection is optional. It is up to the athlete).
      • Boys Lacrosse: Stick, helmet, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, and mouthpiece. Protective cup is required for all male players. Goalkeepers should bring full outdoor gear.
      • Girls Lacrosse: Stick, shin guards, mouth guards and eye goggles.
  9. How do I know if I'm accepted into a program?
    • You will receive a confirmation email when registering using the MySAM system. Each clinic, league or tournament has a minimum number of participants and/or teams that must be registered prior to the registration deadline in order for it to be offered. If that number is not reached, the program will be cancelled. Any registrations received for a cancelled program will receive a phone call by LANCO Fieldhouse canceling the program and full refunds will be issued.

      If any activity has reached its maximum limit, a waiting list will be started. Any team or individual on a waiting list will receive a call from LANCO Fieldhouse. If a team or individual accepted for participation does not abide by registration and payment policies or cancels for any reason, teams or individuals from the waiting list have priority by the date the registration was received.