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Birthday & Special Occasion Party Options

All Sports - BubbleBall - Turf Wars - Bricks-4-Kids

Through-out the year, the Fieldhouse hosts many events that do not fall under our traditional sports categories. From the Senior Indoor Games to School Rewards Days, the Fieldhouse has unique activities for all ages. Along with these programs, the Fieldhouse is a great place to hold a Birthday party, whether you're interested in a traditional Birthday party playing Dodgeball, Soccer, Flag Football or one of our other popular sports. Or want to take on your friends in a challenging game of TURF WARS...the hottest game to hit the Fieldhouse! Using Nerf Guns to take down the opposition, players use our barriers & bunkers to try to retrieve the opponents flag in an intense game of "Capture the Flag" or stay alive in the "Last Man Standing" show down. For more information on our Birthday Parties or TURF WAR Parties, please call the Fieldhouse at 560-0717.


Come the exciting and new game called BubbleBall at LANCO Fieldhouse! This is a fun filled and exciting game for all ages where you can play Soccer, Kick/Dodgeball, and Zombie Ball! Click below for additional information or give us a call at 717-560-0717 to schedule your Bubble-Ball event.

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Turf Wars

TURF WARS is the newest game to hit the Fieldhouse and has become our most popular Birthday party option!  With all...

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All Sports Fun

All sports is an hour of fun playing all the sports you love such as flag football, soccer, kickball, dodgeball, you name it! You get to pick what you play and when you play! You can run this event yourself or we can provide a field host.

Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks 4 Kidz parties are fun, high energy experiences offering:

  • STEM based LEGO® model building with working motors
  • Exciting games and challenges using LEGO® Bricks
  • Many STEM based themes to choose from as well as popular themes like Minecraft™ and Star Wars™



Additional Party Information

All four of our party types can be held as "stand alones" or can be combined in many different ways. All parties include a Party Host with the exception of the All Sports Fun which is optional. We also have several off field space available to you for your actual celebration where you can bring in whatever food and drink you would like or we can recommend food and drink suppliers that will deliver right to your party. We do not have food or drink restrictions here at LAN CO Fieldhouse with the exception of alcohol which is not allowed on the property. We have lots of options and fun games for all your get togethers and party needs so please give us a call at 717-560-0717 or email us at